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Need help to remember exactly what the various lines, signs, rules and regulations mean to you? What are the rules about riding into cycle lanes for example.  

Bike parking news

Have you ever had the frustration that your regular bike bays are closed due to an event or building works? Our free London rider community newsletter is aiming to inform you of these planned closures, new bays opening up, plus news on what's going in terms of parking, permitted bus lanes and other concessions or restrictions for riders. Plus sharing riders feedback including; what grounds appeals have been won, areas where riders are being targeted.  Plus any updates on the rules and regs.  Register your email address on the homepage.

Parking appeals or interesting cases?

This section also has users experience on appealing PCN's.  We are looking to help riders with advice on successful parking or any moving traffic violation appeal cases so you can check out the infringement and see how others have managed an appeal. If you have an interest case or been successful with an appeal please let us know. Click here to send us your story.

Appeal Help

Frustrated and too busy to handle a PCN or Appeal it?  Then contact immediately PCN Appeal Services.  Call direct on 01202 208 378,  as lost time may double the fine.  They will advise if it would best to pay it or if they feel you have a case which they can fight for you. The PCN charge a nominal fee to take on the case, but at least they are experts, they will handle all the red tape and know the angles.